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Why should we avoid Parabens in skincare products?

Our awareness about ‘toxins’ and a general shift to “natural” and “chemical-free” products is increasing. Flawlessceuticals, like many other brands of skin care is committed to your health, so our formulas are all 100% paraben free. What exactly are parabens?  Parabens are very popular because they help products last longer, they are very common preservatives …

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Sensitive and sensitised skin

What is sensitive skin? Truly sensitive skin is inherited and normally leaves you prone to blushing and allergies. True sensitive skin types have particularly thin skin and often less pigment which leads to an easily broken skin barrier. Blood vessels are often closer to the surface and are easily stimulated by outside irritants. Sensitised skin …


Airless bottles

We choose the best containers for our products and you. Airless bottles are considered a real breakthrough in cosmetic packaging innovation. Airless bottles prevent air exposure, which helps protect and conceal the skin care creams, serums, and foundations that are packaged in each container. Airless bottle packaging has helped increase shelf life in cosmetic packaging …